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The Solution for Edge AI Integration and Sensor Data Collection

CLAID is an open-source initiative to develop, validate and share AI models, digital biomarkers and healthcare applications. Our goal is to transfer research findings from the lab into the real-world. We invite researchers, clinicians and developers to use and contribute packages and to participate in our community.

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Cough Detection Biological Age Activity Recognition Embedded Python ML Galaxy Watch Bosch Vivatmo GreenTEG CORE Polar
Android, WearOS
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CLAID is based on published work ‐ Langer, P., Altmüller, S., Fleisch, E., & Barata, F. (2024). CLAID: Closing the Loop on AI & Data Collection - A cross-platform transparent computing middleware framework for smart edge-cloud and digital biomarker applications. Future Generation Computer Systems, 159, 505-521